Rule 1

You must have a working microphone while playing on the server. Failure to have an active working mic while in-game may result in a kick from the server. Subsequent violations will be judged on a case by case basis at admins discretion

Rule 2

You must be 16 years or older to apply for whitelisting in Reactive Roleplay. No exceptions will be made to this. Falsifying application data will result in a temporary ban until your 16th birthday.

Rule 3

Reactive Roleplay is primarily an English speaking server. You must be able to fluently speak and understand english.Speaking other languages outside of english is permitted for roleplay purposes. However, any disrespect to be taken out of context

Rule 4

When joining the server. Be sure to customize your character to your liking to suit “your” character. Default characters with no customization are frowned upon and may result in a kick and may result in a temporary ban if the issue persists.

Rule 5

Abuse of emergency services “uniforms” are also not acceptable. Skinning your character to be a police officer or an EMS responder is not acceptable. “Pretending” to be any EMS responder or police officer, and not approved for those roles will res

Rule 6

Combat Logging is not permitted in Reactive Role Play.Force closing your game during a roleplay situation, without reasonable excuse, may result in a temporary or permanent ban if the issue persists. Some situations include, but are not limited to

Rule 7

New Life Rule applies to the Reactive Roleplay server. If injured, or recovering from being recently revived and coming back to full strength is poor role play and not acceptable. This rule applies to all players including law enforcement and emer

Rule 8

Death matching, trolling, disrespect out of character, & racism will not be tolerated in the Reactive Roleplay server or official discord.

Rule 9

Any egregious behavior will not be tolerated and will result in a kick, temporary ban, or permanent ban depending on severity.

Rule 10

Exploitation of game/server bugs, use of third party scripts, trainers or hacks will result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on severity.

Rule 11

Being AFK on the Reactive Roleplay server is tolerable to a certain extent. Reasonable efforts to inform friends or people nearby you are going afk for a specified amount of time. Any actions taken to your character while being afk is no fault bu

Rule 12

NPC Farming/Unnecessary killing is not tolerated in Reactive Roleplay. Should you be interested in aimlessly killing NPCs for fun... Please play the official GTA Online services provided by Rockstar.

Rule 13

Theft of military helicopters, planes or vehicles will result in an automatic ban by the server. This includes vehicles that are deemed unacceptable in a role play environment by the admin team.

Rule 14

Meta-Gaming is not permitted under any circumstances. This includes communication with other players when you are informed that all devices have been removed. For example… you have been arrested, and the officer informs you that they have removed

Your Details

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Character Details

Give us some information about your character, be as descript as you like.

A first name for your character.
A last name for your character.
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Roleplay Knowledge

Situational awareness

Below are three situations, tell us how you would react in each circumstance.

Scenario One

You have returned to the car park and notice that a couple of people are arguing with each other. As you observe things appear to be getting more heated. You see one of the people reach behind their back as if about to pull out a weapon, what would you do in this situation?

Scenario Two

You have been avoiding the police after getting up to some sketchy business and could be looking at jail time. Whilst talking with some friends the police pull up and identify you as wanted. The officers exit their vehicle and say your name. What would you do in this situation?

Scenario Three

You have been RPing with another player who begins to talk OOC (Out Of Character) and mentions about contacting the admin team and raising a complaint against you. What would you do in this situation?